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 5Cup  -- Privacy Policy

   Privacy Policy: 

5Cup is serious about the privacy of Internet users, because our business success depends upon our ability to maintain the trust of our users. 

If you have any concern about our products or privacy policies, please contact support@5Cup.com. We read every message from users and are prompt in reply to those valuable. Your comments may contribute to the improvement of our program or website.

Does 5Cup collect personally- identifiable information? 

 5Cup does not collect any personally- identifiable information about you, such as your name, address, phone number or email address from this web site without your knowledge, and will take measures to protect your privacy. We only collect information licensed to us, for example newly released software subscription for users, software submission from authors or order from customers.  

How does 5Cup use the information?
When you have licensed us to provide a newly released software list to you, we will send it to you via email daily, weekly or other post time. And you can easily remove your email address from our mail list.

If you have submitted some software to our download library, we will publish the products information and other information available  to users. Your email address does not appear in our web page due to complaints about spamming. However we need the the email for forwarding messages, complaints, etc. from users and audience.
And we may need it to contact you about upload problems, etc. In any case, you can contact us via email to easily remove your software and information from our library.

If you have any question or concern about our privacy policies, please feel free to contact us. 

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