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AstroChip - 1.0pop
AstroChip is a language for modelling chips.
Price: 0.00
File Size: 292
License: Freeware

Aurora Compiler - 1.0pop
A full featured C like language for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. Supports OOP and COM.
Price: 40
File Size: 3468
License: Demo

C# School Ebook - 1.0pop
A 330 page e-book that takes you from the very basics of programming in C#, explaining object orientated programming techniques along the way, all the way up to using multi-threading and building GUI and database applications. Also covers C#2.0
Price: 0
File Size: 3274KB

Casing Engine - 4.0pop
Easily run robotics, expert systems, custom scripts, neural networks, artificial
Price: $10
File Size: 1105
License: Commercial

CASL - 4.2pop
Develop applications for Palm and PocketPC
Price: $300
File Size: 4391 KB

CASL - 4.3pop
Develop applications for Palm, PocketPC and Windows
Price: $0
File Size: 5827 KB

Catalyst - 3.15.31pop
Design, development and execution environment for SQLServer and Interbase app...
Price: $99.00
File Size: 3.86 MB
License: N/A

CodeDesigner BSE - 1.5.016pop
CodeDesigner?Basic Stamp Edition is an advanced Windows 95/98/NT/2000 based i...
Price: $59.95
File Size: 3.48 MB
License: N/A

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Price: $0
File Size: KB

Data2Hex - 1.02pop
Data2Hex is a Windows 95/98/ME Program to edit/convert to Intel Hex Files.Fea...
Price: $15.00
File Size: 189 KB
License: N/A

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